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Breast Forms


At New Day Products, our deepest desire is to help women who have undergone breast surgeries to feel whole again and to be able to live their daily lives as comfortably and confidently as possible!   


New Day Products breast forms are breast prostheses designed to replace the fullness of an entire breast after mastectomy surgery.  Every woman and surgery site is unique, and proper fitting of breast prostheses is extremely important for your overall health as well as how you feel when wearing it in everyday life.  Therefore, we recommend you see a certified mastectomy fitter, who can properly fit you with the prosthesis type and fit that is right for you.  Please check out our breast forms below for an idea of the options you have to meet your particular needs.


MVT Natural Cloud Light  

Our #1 selling & lightest breast form! 

The innovative MVT Natural Cloud Light breast form is approximately 30% lighter than traditional lightweight forms!  The revolutionary 3-layer construction is specially designed for those wanting or needing a lighter form.  The outside layer is made of soft, huggable silicone. The inside is filled with micro-beads to give volume and shape without extra weight, and it conforms to the chest wall for superior comfort.  The back is made of soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic fabric – no need for a cover!  This soft, lightweight, and comfortable breast form feels so natural and has incredible “hug factor.”  Give and get hugs with confidence!  

Available in sizes 1-15 



NCW2 Natural Cloud Beaded Puff   

Post-surgical, leisure, swimming, or fitting tool  

The NCW2 Natural Cloud Beaded Puff is the perfect leisure form with a soft, cool, comfortable feel.  Filled with the same micro-beads as our MVT, it has just the right amount of weight to be used as a leisure form, post-surgical, or swimming.  When used as a swim form, it does not absorb or pool water, but flushes naturally, and responds more like a natural breast when reclining on a lounge chair or lying flat.  Since there is no silicone, it can easily be pinned into a swimsuit, if needed. This versatile little form can also be used as a fitting tool to help fill in concavity from more radical surgeries.   

Available in sizes 2-12



Whipped Cloud Teardrop

The MSO Whipped Cloud Teardrop is made of a lightweight whipped silicone, the same as the MST.  For those women needing a teardrop shape, this form can be worn with the point at the top (vertically) for a natural look and drape, or on the side (horizontally) to fill in tissue loss under the arm. With a silky soft feel and gentle concave back designed for today’s modern surgeries, you will love the fit and feel of our teardrop

Available in sizes 2-12.


Whipped Cloud Triangle

The MST Whipped Cloud Triangle is made of a lightweight whipped silicone. This is a great option for those wanting a lighter breast form. With a silky soft feel and a natural drape, this is the perfect form for just about everyone. The MST has a modified triangle shape and concave back designed for today’s modern surgeries. The MST and MSO have been tested in high altitudes.

Available in sizes 1-17.



Weighted Leisure Foam Form