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Breast Forms - MVT


MVT Natural Cloud Light  

Our #1 selling & lightest breast form! 

The innovative MVT Natural Cloud Light breast form is approximately 30% lighter than traditional lightweight forms!  The 3-layer construction is specially designed for those wanting or needing a lighter form.  The outside layer is made of soft, huggable silicone. The inside is filled with micro-beads to give volume and shape without extra weight, and it conforms to the chest wall for superior comfort.  The back is made of soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic fabric – no need for a cover!  This soft, lightweight, and comfortable breast form feels so natural and has incredible “hug factor.”  Give and get hugs with confidence!  

Available in sizes 1-15 


Who should wear the MVT Natural Cloud Light? 

This form was designed for women with softer breast tissue to follow the natural drape of the breast. The MVT is a very good choice for women with lymphedema, as the lightness of the forms helps to keep swelling down and gives a comfortable fit. It can also be used by anyone who wants a lightweight leisure form. This form is also a perfect fit for those looking for something comfortable to put on after work, while playing with the kids, or leisure wear. 


The MVT is a wonderful option for: 

  • Older women who are looking for a more natural drape 

  • Any bilateral survivors who would like a lightweight form 

  • Women with lymphedema –  the light weight reduces the risk of swelling and is more comfortable than many traditional breast forms 

  • Women in wheelchairs 

Suitable for swimming   

Micro-beads do not absorb water! 


Cleaning instructions: 

Just like any other breast form, you can wash your MVT in warm soapy water. Then just towel dry the silicone front and blot the fabric back. The fabric back will dry quickly. To speed up the process, you can use the “cool” setting on your blow dryer. Hold at least 12 inches from the fabric back. Tip: Wash your breast form at night and store in its “cradle” in the morning it will be ready to wear.  



MVT Testimonials

“I am a breast cancer survivor for over 43 years! I have had every type of breast form out there.  Some were so heavy they made my bra dig into my shoulders. My fitter suggested the MVT Natural Cloud. Once I put it on, I knew I had found my form. It’s so soft, light and 

comfortable I feel like me again! Thank you so much for such a wonderful, comfortable form, I love it”


– Arlene H.

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