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About Us

Our Story

New Day Products has been a family owned and operated business, offering professional services, fair prices, and quality products to the mastectomy community since 2003.  We sell our products to boutiques and retailers across North America.  Dawn and Alex started the business after Dawn had been selling and fitting mastectomy products as a sales representative for several years.  She saw the need for the unique MVT Natural Cloud Light breast form and opened her own business in order to provide this innovative breast form.  Over the years, New Day Products has added to the forms we offer to continue to provide for the differing needs of women who have undergone mastectomy surgeries.   

Our #1 mission has always been to help women feel whole again!  They are the reason we do what we do and why we love this business so much!  We believe in our products, and we believe women who have endured so much deserve to feel as much like their previous selves as possible.  We also believe it takes a community of compassionate people who are working toward this common goal to provide the best products and services possible.  We honor and respect the certified mastectomy fitters as well as all the boutiques and providers who take such loving care of them.  We enjoy partnering with them and are happy to help in any way we can, whether it is to provide guidance for fitting or help in locating the right products for their customers, even if those products are not ours.  We strive every day to provide caring, honest, respectful service with integrity.     

Alex and Dawn’s daughter-in-law, Lucy, began with New Day Products in 2022 and is working toward running the company as Alex and Dawn retire.  Prior to this, she was a social worker for close to ten years and worked in the financial industry for over ten years prior to that.  Although understanding breast cancer and the needs of women who have gone through mastectomies is new to her, she has redirected her passion for helping others to these amazing women, and has been dedicated to learning all she can about their unique needs.  Lucy is compassionate and conscientious and puts people first.  She is looking forward to continuing the legacy of respectful, caring, honest service that New Day Products has exemplified for over 20 years.   

Meet Lucy


Meet Holly


Alex and Dawn’s daughter, Holly, has been with New Day Products since 2019, after taking a step back from her career in nursing to spend more time with her family and pursue her passion in naturopathic medicine.  Her medical education and experience as well as her kind and compassionate nature give her a unique understanding of the needs of the women who use our products.  She provides much of the day-to-day service for our wonderful customers, and we are thankful for her!  

Before New Day Products was conceived, Dawn began working in the mastectomy world as a sales representative, working with boutiques and retailers to fit and sell mastectomy products.  She absolutely loved what she did and decided to grow her passion into a business.  She built relationships and partnerships with customers based on her belief that everyone should be treated with kindness, honesty, and dignity.  Her desire to provide a high level of customer service and integrity was her number one priority.  Her wonderful husband, Alex, has worked tirelessly in the background all these years as well, handling the finances, technical needs, and administrative duties that are vital to keeping a business running.  

Meet Alex & Dawn


After giving themselves to New Day Products for over 20 years, Alex and Dawn are now moving into retirement, enjoying time with family and friends, traveling, and getting some much-deserved relaxation.  They are both currently still involved, though, helping out in the background as much as needed, to ensure a smooth transition as Lucy takes on more responsibility.  But they are currently building their dream retirement home and taking it easy as much as possible!  We are so thankful for their many years of dedication and service to helping women who have had mastectomies feel whole again!  New Day Products would not be the amazing company it is today without them! 

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