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  • Are New Day Products breast prostheses covered by insurance?
    Yes, you can experience the softness and light weight of New Day Prosthetics, as they are covered by most private insurances and Medicare. They carry a warranty that is required by both private insurance and Medicare.  Please feel free to use our retailer locator to find a boutique or medical provider near you who carries our products.
  • Who should wear an MVT Natural Cloud Light breast form?
    Anyone who needs a lightweight breast form. This form was designed for women with softer breast tissue to follow the natural drape of the breast. The MVT Natural Cloud Light is a very good choice for women with lymphedema, as the lightness of the forms helps to keep swelling down and gives a soft, comfortable fit. It can also be used by anyone who wants a lightweight leisure form. This form is also a perfect fit for those looking for something comfortable to put on after work, while playing with the kids, or leisure wear.
  • Do I need a cover for the MVT Natural Cloud Light?
    No, the MVT has a soft fabric back. No cover is needed. For Your Information: As the Natural Cloud Light breast form is not a full silicone form, it is light and comfortable. Please note, your Natural Cloud Lightmay wrinkle a little as it ages (just like us!) but just like us, it does not affect the function of this truly unique form.
  • Can I swim in my MVT Natural Cloud Light ?
    Yes, you can swim in chlorinated swimming pools or salt water, as long as you wash it with warm, soapy water afterward.Please see cleaning instructions. The beads do not absorb water, and only the fabric back takes on the water. However, just like all fabrics, chlorine and salt water do break down the fibers over time, so if this is your everyday breast form, we recommend only swimming in it periodically. If you swimfrequently, we recommend wearing a leisure or swim form, such as our NCW2 or MGT.
  • How do I clean the MVT Natural Cloud Light breast form?
    It’s easy! Just like any other breast form, you can wash your MVT in warm, soapy water. Then just towel dry the silicone front and blot the fabric back. The fabric back will dry quickly. To speed up the process, you can use the “cool” setting on your blow dryer. Hold at least 12 inches from the fabric back. Tip: Wash your breast form at night and store in its “cradle” in the morning, and it will be ready to wear.
  • Can I wear my MGT Weighted Foam Leisure breast form when I travel?
    Although it is a very comfortable leisure form, it does contain metal beads (enclosed in a silicone pouch) for weight. Because of this, we recommend you pack it when going through the airport. We do not want the airport metal detectors to ring!
  • Where can I purchase New Day Products?
    We do not sell our products directly to consumers, as we believe in the importance of proper fitting by certified mastectomy fitters. Please feel free to use our retailer locator to find one near you who carries our products.
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